September 17, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 11  

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Jenna Byrne

Purple Pipe: Jenna Byrne

Fresh off its inaugural presentation last week, The Gazette's version of an Athlete of the Week award, the Purple Pipe is back.

This week's recipient is a first-time winner of the prestigious award. In fact, when told she had won, she didn't even know what it was. Although we were insulted, we decided to let her off the hook since she has only been at Western for about two weeks.

This week's winner is Jenna Byrne, a first-year member of the Mustangs women's soccer team. Byrne was a key part of the Mustangs 6-0 win over Laurier on Saturday.

In her first regular season university game Jenna said she was nervous but didn't show it as she scored three goals for the Mustangs.

Her team's unbeaten weekend and her impressive rookie debut made her an easy choice for this week's Purple Pipe.

-Ian Denomme

Matt Prince/Gazette
A SMILE ONLY A HAT TRICK COULD MUSTER. Purple Pipe winner Jenna Byrne is exposed to the Pipe... her life will never be the same.

Jock Talk with Jenna Byrne

The Gazette had a chance to talk to rookie soccer sensation Jenna Byrne, this week's Purple Pipe winner.

What program are you in and why?
Science - it's interesting. I've been doing it all my life and I want to follow in my parents footsteps.

The science program and the soccer team, they're awesome. I knew they were one of the best in Canada.

What skills do you bring to the team?
Strength on the flanks. I have a positive attitude and I'm outgoing. But, I'm a rookie and I'm still nervous.

After last week's impressive performance, what do you need to do to keep it up?
Keep working hard, be strong on offense and defense and try to continue to score. I don't consider myself a scorer, so I want to create scoring - an assist is just as good as a goal to me.

The women's World Cup starts next week, who's going to win?
Obviously Canada! The U.S. has no chance anymore.

-Ian Denomme



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