September 18, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 12  

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Stuff you can do tonight!

NXNE meets Western

The North By Northeast Music Festival and Conference takes some up-and-coming musical acts on the road for some shows across Ontario campuses - and it's all free. Indie hip-hoppers Brassmunk, rockers Micro Maureen and Round2 will be playing The Spoke tonight, but if those don't really interest you, the Roadshow will also include Kickass Karaoke which skips the overdone "I Will Survive" and "Respect" karaoke staples and instead, includes selections by The Strokes, No Doubt, Stone Temple Pilots, Ja Rule and Beastie Boys.

Party to Obie's new CD

Universal Urban - the more hip-hoppin' division of Universal Music - hosts an Obie Trice party at Club Phoenix tonight to celebrate the release of Obie's debut Cheers. No, Obie likely won't make an appearance, but at least there will be CDs, T-shirts, posters and other prizes up for grabs.

Getting brutal on your ass

Fans of hate and brutality - hey, who isn't? - will rejoice tonight as the Rise of Brutality Tour Part 2 steamrolls into Call the Office tonight. If the name of the tour isn't enough to get your blood boiling, check out the lineup: Hatebreed, Madball, Hate Eternal, Terror, Cephalic Carnage and St. Catherines. Man, that's brutal.

Miracles and Swimmers

If you missed the Two-Minute Miracles' set during last weekend's Parkas CD release party at The Spoke, you get a second chance when Andy Magoffin and the boys play at The Embassy tonight with the melodic and mellow Great Lake Swimmers. Too bad it's at The Embassy, where nobody goes... because it's in the scary part of town!

Urban and Dawn in the evening

This postponed triple bill finally makes its way to the John Labatt Centre tonight as Keith Urban, Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Jimmy Rankin visit London to delight the ears of Contemporary Canadian country lovers willing to pay $45.75 to hear such music. Oh, admit it - you've watched CMT during one of their weekly Shania marathons.

Couch potatoes will keep on survivin'

Who cares about going out when you have a whole world at the touch of a button? After a summer drought of highly-rated reality TV programming, the show that started the recent craze is back tonight. The seventh installment of Survivor, a 90-minute affair that airs on CBS at 8 p.m., puts its 16 contestants on the Pearl Islands to outwit, outplay and outlast on a show that is sadly outdated. No one really cares about starting fires on a remote place on Earth when more heat is generated by shacking up hot young singles in a hedonistic hotel.



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