September 19, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 13  

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Hooked on Mustangs works for me

By Alison Stolz
Gazette Writer

"Yeah, I'm excited. Yeah, I'm going to get drunk. Yeah, Western is going to kick some ass."

These are the three most common sentiments of Western students when asked about this year's Homecoming. While many are still scrambling to buy tickets for the football game, Homecoming staff have donned their purple and white sweatsuits in preparation. Meanwhile, the Purple Spur club, the self-anointed "Spirit of Western," is promoting the game through ticket sales to their members.

"It's a chance for Western to get together and prove to other schools that we're better than them," said administrative and commerical studies student and Homecoming staff member Matthew Krofchick.

Krofchick believes Homecoming is not just a time for first year students to celebrate Western, but for all upper-year students to show their pride as well. It's a perfect opportunity to attend some of the year's best parties, such as the victory party Saturday night at The Spoke.

Purple Spur co-president Shawn Gibson assures his spirited group will be causing a ruckus and partying all day at The Spoke. "Homecoming is a time that students can show their spirit, love and passion for Western."

Gibson says he hopes to see everyone on campus cheering for the Mustangs at Saturday's game.

"With this year being the 125th anniversary for Western, it is even more exciting to celebrate our Western pride," said third-year history student Evan Krofchick, adding he loves seeing the whole school come together with spirit no matter what they do. "There is just something about watching the Mustangs kick ass. What the hell is a Gee-Gee anyways."

Students are not the only ones displaying their pride for Western this weekend. As with any Homecoming, it is also a time for alumni to return and show their Mustang pride is still alive. Fourth-year political science student Adam Minielly said he is excited for his parents' return to their alma mater. "It's a good time for [alumni] to come back and watch the game. Hopefully it will be a nice day."

Third-year history student Steven Cole sees the weekend as a chance to unwind after the stress of settling into school once again.

"It's a chance for us to get together with friends, get in touch with the Western community and get connected to the London community," Cole said, adding his parents are also coming to watch the game and show their support.

Even though Western hasn't been victorious in previous years, there is a general feeling in the air that somehow this year will be different. As Matthew put it: "I am so excited for the game that I can't even express my feelings. Ever since my very first Mustang football game four years ago, I've been hooked."



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