September 23, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 14  

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Dianne Cunningham: a proud record

By: Dianne Cunningham

On Oct. 2, London North Centre voters will have an important choice to make - to continue to build on our renewal and growth of the past eight years - or let our hard earned gains be squandered by returning to job-killing high taxation and uncontrolled spending.

Since 1988, I have been proud to serve as your member of provincial Parliament at Queen's Park. It's a job I am passionate about because it lets me play a key role in building a strong and vibrant future here in London. And our community has never been stronger. With business confidence restored, unprecedented growth has brought new jobs, new families and new communities. With more people working and paying taxes, we can afford the quality of life we want and the government services we need.

I'm proud that, after years of Liberal and NDP neglect, my government has recognized London's renowned centres for healthcare and education and responded with significant funding that includes - $270 million in restructuring to support new facilities like the North Tower at Westminster Campus dedicated to the care of women and children; over $67 million in new buildings to expand student space at Western; new state of the art emergency rooms at London Health Sciences Centre; 40 per cent more medical school spaces at Western; $2.4 million for 32 new beds at Chateau Gardens and funding to rebuild Dearness Home.

But there is still more to do. I have heard your friends and neighbours express the same concerns: even better health care for our families, equality of education for our children, a strong justice system for our communities and a clean safe environment for our future.

All of these fundamental public services depend on a strong, growing economy to fund them. That's what our party's platform, The Road Ahead, is all about providing Ontario with a strong economy and then using that wealth wisely to meet our needs and sustain our prosperity for the future. Some key commitments include:

Tax cuts for jobs - continue to stimulate job creation through tax cuts for employers

Tax cuts for people - complete our cut in personal income taxes by Jan. 2004, allow homeowners to deduct mortgage interest costs from their income, eliminate provincial property taxes for senior citizens and take 45,000 low-income earners off the income tax rolls

Post-secondary quality and access - $300 million in new quality of education funding for colleges and universities; $400 million in new student assistance and a record $2.6 billion expansion of postsecondary education.

More doctors, nurses and hospital services - recruit more doctors, create 8,000 new nursing positions, build new hospitals in fast-growth communities, provide 40 more MRI machines and 50 more CT scanners within five years

Shorter wait lists for healthcare - guaranteed waiting times that will not exceed limits recommended by doctors.

For a complete copy of our plan for prosperity, please call my campaign office at 519-455-4700 or send an e-mail to:



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