September 24, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 15  

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Potty-mouth Holly to deliver new DVD

"I could be a ballerina."

Despite the fact Holly McNarland doesn't dance, it would be her choice career if music fell through. However, this self-assured songstress never doubted her ability to break into the industry. "I always had a lot of confidence that I'd do okay. I never really questioned it; I was young."

Gothic love in the Underworld

Vampire movies are quite common these days - a fresh new crop arrives every few years or so to fight for their own originality. We had the Blade series and Dracula 2000 all in the past couple of years, just to name a couple.

Ryan Malcolm and Justin Timberlake fail to impress

the single guy

Website of the Week

The street mattress - that piece of furniture, normally used to provide comfort to nighttime slumber, stripped of its linens and found lying bruised and broken on sidewalks, highways and deserted alleys.



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