September 24, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 15  

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Campus Inquisition

What do you think about the indefinite suspension of the Wet/Dry program on campus?

"I think it's great, more room for the drinkers - shorter lines to get in and for the bathroom! It just makes it easier for us older women to get men; I have morals and standards, a 17 year old may not."

-Jackie Batista
social work III
-on the indefinite suspension of the Wet/Dry program on campus

"I think they had it coming, the Wet/Dry program wasn't a smart move. When I [had a Wet/Dry card in first year] people were offering me drinks all the time."

-Liz Harasti
political science and history II

"That sucks, there will be less impressionable young girls in the bar."
-Stan Rodos
social science I

"It was a really decent program. I was 18 when I started at Western and without it I would have missed out on a lot if I didn't come to [on campus bars]."

-Lindsay Donahue
art history and criticism III

"With the amount of underage people this year it would be possible to do all dry events. I don't think there should be a Wet/Dry program - it's possible to have fun without alcohol."

-Andrea Ferreira
anthropology and women's studies II

"Anyone who is mature enough to get in [a bar] with a fake ID is mature enough to drink."

-Luke Arsenault
arts and science II at Fanshawe College



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