September 25, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 16  

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NUFAN true to punk roots

Today's skateboarding, chain-wearing, hawk-sporting skater-teens who consider themselves "hardcore punk" fans date the scene way back to early 2002 - the birth of Good Charlotte and Simple Plan. But long before the conception of these little punks, there existed the original, independent, anti-establishment punk rock world in the mid-'70s and '80s, founded by bands making a statement of individuality and creating the culture as a reaction to mass commercialism.

Mambo Italiano comes out as a hit

The comparison has often been made that Mambo Italiano is nothing more than an Italian remake of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

The comparison, however, would be wrong. While both movies are about "ethnic" families dealing with an issue that seems shocking at first, that is where the similarities end.

CD Review

Ant Farm suits mainstream

A Jann Arden virgin


Ryan Malcolm in the T-Dot... again


Randy Savage as a rapper

Same ol' crap at the Emmys


To a TV critic, the Emmys are like Christmas morning, except for the lack of gifts, family, novelty songs about grandmothers being killed, snow, stockings and pretty much any sort of merriment. On the plus side, the Emmys have Matt LeBlanc. How you doin'?




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