September 25, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 16  

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CD Review

Ant Farm suits mainstream

Alien Ant Farm


Once in a while, a band comes along to revolutionize music; a band who takes one look at music's status quo and kicks it right in the ass. Unfortunately, Alien Ant Farm is not that band. Their most recent effort, TruANT, is the stuff average radio is made of. The album is full of predictable songs with dreary, cynical lyrics and lousy musicianship (with one notable exception - the drummer is ahead of the game).

The problem with these guys seems to be a lack of musical innovation. What sets them apart from so many other bands, past present and unfortunately, future? Nothing. For those of you who like the status quo, this is for you.

-Dave Curto

A Jann Arden virgin

By Katy James
Gazette Staff

Jann Arden

Love is the Only Soldier

The university years offer many joys: beer bongs, panty raids and the earthy adult contemporary vocals of Jann Arden. As one might imagine, I was thrilled to be granted the opportunity to review her latest album, Love is the Only Soldier. It was as if God's own hand had guided this collection into my possession.

As the moment of revelation fast approached, I turned down the lights, closed my windows and locked the door so none of my roommates knew what I was doing. My hands trembled with anticipation as I guided the small disk into its rightful position; it was as if I was once again losing my Jann Arden virginity.

The opening track, "If You Loved Me," began to play a tragic, sensitive and soulful ballad of love lost. "Not Saying Goodbye" followed immediately after; it too was a tragic, sensitive and soulful ballad of love lost. As time drifted into a seemingly endless, yet magically colourful oblivion, the CD reached its conclusion. This is when I came to the realization every song on this album was a tragic, sensitive and soulful ballad of love lost.

Jann Arden's Love is the Only Soldier may be the best adult contemporary album since Kenny G's Breathless and I'm not exaggerating like most people do when they make that statement.

-Daniel Noble




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