September 25, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 16  

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Animal House, The Skulls, Legally Blonde, Old School - the list of films that stereotype fraternities and sororities just keeps growing.

Well, we here at Campus Life finally decided we wanted to get to the bottom of frat and sorority life. Namely, to figure out what exactly they do, how exactly they do it and why so many do it to begin with.

So to set the record straight, we sent two "undercover" reporters - Dale Wyatt and Niru Somayajula - out to rush for two Greek societies and had them document their experiences about this world during the various rush week events.

We also spoke to several people within the Greek system and found out there's a lot more to fraternity and sorority life than exclusive parties. Many of the societies place great importance on academics and charity work and since most fraternities and sororities are internationally based, there are similar chapters all over North America.

One major theme emerged from our analysis of Greek life: brother and sisterhood. Everyone who spoke about frats and sororities, including our two undercover rushes, commented on the unique team spirit found within these organizations.

Campus Life wants to use this week's section to dispel some of the myths surrounding fraternity and sorority life and expose some of the truth and surprises behind this Greek world.

Editor's note: The Campus Life editors would also like to congratulate and take credit for the streakers that made their appearance at this year's Homecoming game. They can cross that off their grad checklist. Yay streakers!

Secret Societies? Frats and sororities exposed
Undercover Brother: Gazette staffer rushes

Day 1:

Today was overwhelming. Standing amid a plethora of tables, it was difficult to decide which fraternity table to approach. After 10 minutes of spinning around, I finally decided on two different ones - one because they looked like "normal" guys and the other because the guy was wearing a cowboy hat. The attitudes of the individuals behind the tables differed completely from a timid "hey," to a loud booming "hello, what's your name?" followed by a tight handshake.

Greek stereotype Q&A

Andrew Crook - current member and former president of Phi Gamma Delta

Jess Davidson - current president of Panhel

Sister Act 3: the Rush

da island coconut

If someone told me two weeks ago I would be joining a sorority, I probably would have laughed, maybe even snickered a little and I definitely would have forgotten about it 15 seconds later. When I did end up rushing, I was in for something I definitely wasn't expecting - sisterhood.

Frat boys, frat boys; what'cha gonna do?

Stereotypical Frat Guy

Mr. Nice Guy

Party Guy

Smooth Guy

Fraternity Dictionary





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