September 25, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 16  

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Secret Societies? Frats and sororities exposed
Undercover Brother: Gazette staffer rushes

Dave Picard/Gazette
WYATT MEETS HIS SOUL MATE. Gazette reporter Dale Wyatt is drawn to this table because he can't resist the lure of the cowboy.

Day 1:

Today was overwhelming. Standing amid a plethora of tables, it was difficult to decide which fraternity table to approach. After 10 minutes of spinning around, I finally decided on two different ones - one because they looked like "normal" guys and the other because the guy was wearing a cowboy hat. The attitudes of the individuals behind the tables differed completely from a timid "hey," to a loud booming "hello, what's your name?" followed by a tight handshake. I grabbed a rush schedule for each frat and headed off. I attended a meet-and-greet barbeque at the one house. Everyone was friendly. I was taken on a tour and given a quick introduction to the frat life. At times though, I felt out of place.

Day 3:

Tonight was another meet-and-greet for the other frat. When I arrived, I was quickly greeted, introduced to everyone and handed a beer - they somehow knew the key to my heart. After everyone arrived, we headed off to the Palasad for some pool, wings and more beer. These guys were really good at making sure everyone was involved and taken care of - when they found out I was vegetarian they immediately ordered a plate of meat-free nachos and some veggies. Right from the start I felt welcome, I had all of my questions answered, my stomach filled and my blood alcoholed.

Day 4:

I headed off to a party at the first frat's house. Unfortunately, the party was cancelled and they had apparently lost my phone number so they couldn't call to forewarn me. I was a little disappointed and after a brief conversation I left having decided to devote my attention to the other fraternity.

Day 6:

I had to work so I missed the trip to Toronto to see a Blue Jays game. Oh well - baseball sucks.

Dale Wyatt

Day 8:

Tonight's "around the world party" was wild. There were five different rooms in the house, each with a different country's flag and a shot relating to that country. I was given a passport and in order to get it stamped I had to go room to room and do each shot. By the end of the night, I felt like the world was going around me.

Day 9:

Today we drove to Toronto to watch the Argonauts charity football game. They drove us down, bought our tickets and even gave us pink shirts to wear in support of the CIBC Run For A Cure. It was a great time and like everything else, did not cost a cent.

Day 11:

I am beginning to get worn out and there was another all-you-can-drink-for-free party at the house tonight with a sorority. Fatigue kept me from partying hard, but it was still a fun time and I am beginning to develop good relationships with certain members.

Dale Wyatt

Day 14:

Today was the final day of rush and what better way to end it then by shooting each other with paintballs. We played on an outdoor course with trenches, buildings and ravines. Tonight after midnight I find out whether or not they want to offer me membership. I am so tired I could die.

Editor's note: After all of this, Dale Wyatt is apparently frat boy material. He was accepted into the frat to which he rushed.




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