September 25, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 16  

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Greek stereotype Q&A

Andrew Crook - current member and former president of Phi Gamma Delta

True or False: Your beer consumption is higher than the average student's.

Answer: Hmmm... false, I guess. We do a lot of things [besides drink]. (Editor's note: Crook hesitated, which causes us to doubt his answer).

True or False: You beat up geeks.

Answer: False. I don't like fighting and we don't condone misconduct.

True or False: The movie Old School is a fair representation of the frat world.

Answer: Probably false. It's very cliché, but at least it's not the old preppy boy kind of perception of frats. I wouldn't say it's a documentary, but it's a bit more accurate.

Word association time! Leaf is to tree like fraternity is to...?

Answer: Society. Obviously we're part of society and we're well-rounded socially and scholastically.


Jess Davidson - current president of Panhel

True or False: You ostracize ugly people.

Answer: Not at all! Every sorority has a diverse group of women.

True or False: You own mostly pink clothing.

Answer: [laughs] Unfortunately, I personally do! But it's not required for members or anything. Truthfully, one girl dropped our sorority because she said all the pink made her want to puke.

True or False: The movie Legally Blonde is a fair representation of the sorority world.

Answer: Well, it was a cute movie, but I don't think people should buy into any of its steretypes, like we're pursuing higher education to snag a man or anything.

Word association time! Petal is to flower like sorority is to...?

Its members and Panhel.

I also wanted to say congratulations to all our new members and all the sororities for making rush week so fun and run so smoothly.



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