September 25, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 16  

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Frat boys, frat boys; what'cha gonna do?

Stereotypical Frat Guy

This guy is generally a little muscular, has his parents credit card, an attitude and is generally annoying. His main insult: "you're gay." Watch out, these guys show up everywhere, you don't have to be in a frat to know one.

Mr. Nice Guy

This was the one guy I didn't really expect to meet. They may have the look of a stereotypical frat boy but they are soft spoken, articulate and the best guys to talk to at a party. They are often involved in long-term relationships and like to talk about their future plans.

Party Guy

This guy is the loud Chris Farley type guy. They can range in hilarity anywhere from weird funny to awkward funny to pee yourself funny. They are an essential part of any frat and are a great source of entertainment and do a great job at breaking the ice.

Smooth Guy

These guys are the type of people you are never really sure about. You think you like them and they are always nice to you but there is something about them you don't trust. They usually are liberal when it comes to women and love to brag. If they see you leave the room with a girl be ready to answer the question "did you fuck her?" upon returning.







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