September 25, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 16  

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How off campus bars do Wet/Dry

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff

With the University Students' Council's Wet/Dry program indefinitely suspended, Wet/Dry events around the city may soon be under the microscope.

The Ceeps, for instance, has been advertising "Wet/Dry Wednesdays," the first of which was last night. While the event is not actually related to the USC Wet/Dry program, the premise of such events may provide grounds for closer investigation.

According to Ab Campion, spokesperson for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, all bars on and off campus are treated the same way, as there is only one type of liquor sale license. "Once they have the license, they are obligated to operate their establishment within the regime," he said.

Garth Brophy, the manager of Ceeps/Barney's Ltd., thanked the Ceeps' "fortuitous architecture" for accommodating all-ages nights, as the patio can be closed off and turned into a "designated drinking room."

"We can control access after patrons get in the door anyone going onto the [patio] will be carded at the door and we will not allow any sort of beverages in or out of that room," Brophy said.

Other Wet/Dry events held at The Ridout and The Drink are not threatened, said the bars' respective managers, Jason Woodley and Chris Taylor.

"We're actually the working model for the [AGCO]," Taylor said, adding the two-floor system at The Drink was very efficient at keeping alcohol away from underagers, as only the top floor is wet.

Similarly, Woodley reported how the four rooms at The Ridout allow for one dry room, which underagers must enter separately and cannot leave.

Clubs from around campus have, however, been inquiring about hosting Wet/Dry events at The Ridout and Woodley met with them yesterday to discuss the implementation of such events.

"When [clubs] are running events at off-campus bars, they're subject to the alcohol policy," said Matt Huether, USC VP-student affairs, adding off-campus club events, though Wet/Dry, did not operate in conjunction with the USC's program and had no special conditions.

"We're working towards a system whereby clubs can still run events at The Wave we don't want clubs to have to exclude some members based on age," Huether said.



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