September 26, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 17  

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Taxonomy? Phylogeny? Help!

To the Editor:

I am sure I'm not the only one who went through the fiasco of taking a course they didn't need or want because the course you wanted was full. In first and second year, you are bombarded with courses you may not be essentially interested in, but hey€ that's the way the program is structured, right?

You would think being an upper-year student, now beginning to concentrate on the core part of your program, you would be allowed to take electives that are remotely relevant to your degree. But alas, this was not the case for many.

Being in physiology, I wanted to take anatomy as one of my electives, but was sadly informed there was no more room in this class. My program requires me to take a biological science course from a list that has been pre-determined for the degree. With little options left, I was forced to enroll in "Patterns of Life's Diversity." As interesting as taxonomy, phylogeny and classification of species is, I'd rather stretch my tuition dollars and take a course I might have a slight interest in.

We are all paying a lot of money to the school, the least they could do is let us enjoy academia by taking the class of our choice. By doing this we can avoid students sitting in class staring at the clock, wondering how the rise of angiosperms in the Mesozoic era will help them later on.

Eunice Songa
Physiology/Psychology III


Pit Stop or Pit Strip?

To the Editor:

As a Western student, I've come to realize a few things: 1) Western students are hot and 2) Western students know they're hot and like to show it off.

That said, you'd expect to see certain levels of (un)dress on campus, but not like I saw last week. Walking past The Pit Stop between class during the mid-afternoon rush hour, a friend and I happened to glance over and see a cute young thing in nothing but a bra and a tiny pink thong. I don't think she realized there was a change room about ten feet from where she chose to strip down in front of the large windows and try on her Western-wear.

While I can't speak for my friend, I would like to thank this young lass for officially making my day. It was a hilarious change of pace from the dreary class I had endured that morning.

Shannon Lane
Psychology III




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