September 26, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 17  

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Purple Pipe: Shannon Gerrie

Matt Prince/Gazette
LOOKING TOUGH FOR X-COUNTRY: Purple Pipe winner Shannon Gerrie admits having a soft spot for chocolate.

Per tradition here at The Gazette, we have awarded yet another outstanding athlete this week with the Purple Pipe. Shannon Gerrie, a runner with the women's cross country team for four years, has been honoured with the title of Athlete of the Week.

Gerrie was selected as a 1st Team All-Canadian last year. She also leads the team this year as captain, being one of the few who has been on the team for a total of four years. This year she placed first in the Annual Purple and White Intersquad 4 km. run with a time of 13:58, also described as her best competition time.

In the McGill Open on Sat., Sep. 20, the Mustangs achieved four personal best times. Shannon's time of 14:01 stood out though, being her personal best, also placing her first.

This first place finish is the first gold medal Western has ever received at the McGill Open.

-Alison Stolz


Jock talk with Shannon Gerrie

What program are you in and what do you want to do with your degree?

I'm in fourth-year nutrition and third-year kinesiology and hopefully I can become a registered dietitian and work with athletes.

What are your feelings about being captain and what are your responsibilities?

I love it - it's not much different because all the girls on the team are great, so I don't take much of a controlling leadership role. The whole team is pretty much one big happy family - I'm pretty lucky because of that.

I take care of organizational things for the team such as parties, getting T-shirts and other clothing made - things like that. Also, I help the rookies find good places for practice running and show them a few tips.

What types of things would you like to improve on this year?

Personally, it's always nice to get a personal best time and run your best. Team wise, I just hope we do well, even if we don't win we just want to have fun.

Are there any upcoming meets you are particularly excited for?

This weekend, it's the Western International at Thames Valley Golf Course. There are even teams from the States coming, so it should be good. Also, the meet in Chicago is always fun and good competition.

How do you feel about winning the Purple Pipe?

Oh, it's an honour! I really didn't expect it, so it was kind of a surprise. Thanks!

-Alison Stolz





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