September 30, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 18  

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The Rundown a good natured action flick

The Rundown is a well-shot, fast-paced, generally well-acted buddy flick.

Director Peter Berg (Very Bad Things) - keen to give the viewer something a little different in terms of visuals - has essentially created a live-action cartoon. It is loud, the characters are caricatures, the action is overblown, but it's all in the name of entertainment.

Pamela Evans wants psychic studies at Western

Pamela Evans is as dead as she'll ever be.

Twenty-three years ago a German psychic divulged predictions that made Pamela's head spin and caused her to seriously reconsider her views of the world.

Eating and sex together at last!

This week, the Tuesday Tease and All You Can Eat join forces to discuss that deliciously sexy relationship between sex and food.

The hottest scene in last summer's The Matrix: Reloaded was not the one in which Neo and Trinity were fucking. No, it was the scene where the woman is served a slice of dark chocolate cake that when ingested, induces a gut-busting orgasm, sending her into sighs of ecstasy.



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