September 30, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 18  

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Hello, 9-1-1? My car's upside down

By Laura Katsirdakis & Dan Perry
Gazette Staff

Saturday, the Campus Community Police Service got a call about someone behaving recklessly in the Springett parking lot with a go cart, said Elgin Austen, spokesperson for CCPS.

When police arrived on the scene, Austen said, they found that engineering students were just testing out their class project - a "formula one" car. The car was very noisy and looked in rough condition as the engineers needed to stress it and find its limits. Great cover, lads.

Engineering students did get into actual trouble this week: Mon., Sep. 22, there was a hazardous chemical spill in the Engineering Building. The fire prevention and occupational health and safety units were sent in to seal off and ventilate the area, Austen reported.

Thursday evening, a controversial speaker required police protection, Austen said. There were four officers from the London Police Department and two from CCPS on hand when professor Norman Finkelstein gave his talk. Luckily, "everyone behaved themselves," he added.

The appearance of counterfeit currency continued this week, Austen said. On Friday, someone got a counterfeit bill out of a bank machine on campus. Witnesses have reported the Monopoly guy leaving the scene of the crime.

Const. Paul Martin, spokesperson for the LPD, reported a "steady" weekend, with most of London's finest splitting their time between downtown and a few parties.

Police were called to a stabbing on Second St. at 3 a.m. Sunday. A fight broke out over a girl at a house party, according to Martin. The victim was taken to hospital and the 17-year-old aggressor was arrested. No word on which idiot she chose.

An investigation is underway in the University Dr. and Richmond St. area, where a resident awoke Monday morning to find his vehicle on its roof.

Police also nabbed a speeder on Western Rd. this weekend. The driver was travelling 121 km/h in a 50 zone. The driver said he had only one minute to make his Pro-Line picks when police asked him for an explanation.




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