September 5, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 5  

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Housing's zany lie of omission

With an occurrence as rare as this year's double cohort, it would be naive not to expect unforeseen problems when it comes to the first week of school.

Celibacy-avoiding icebreakers

So, the year begins and you're ready to delve into a new batch of firsts: first day of school, first new home away from home and the first walk across the student haven known as the unfinished Concrete Beach. ItŐs also your first trip back to the bar, a scene of drunken guys and gals who are all looking for the same thing.

Forget Arnold: vote Polishuk

Some might say the upcoming California gubernatorial recall vote has become a farce, with candidates ranging from Hollywood action heroes to porn stars to (worst of all) actual politicians.

Coming together in La Réunion

Before my summer began, I thought living on a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean would deprive me of any contact with the outside world. Was I ever wrong.



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