September 5, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 5  

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Looking at the changing face of O-Week

Orientation Week - some would argue what used to be the epitome of the "college" experience has in many ways faded to a shadow of its former self.

With the onslaught of the double cohort, the first-year class participating in this year's O-Week activities has been the largest ever accommodated at Western. As a result, O-Week has undergone many structural and organizational changes to help facilitate the transition to university life for this younger incoming class.

Seeing triple: Delaware crammed for double cohort

Some frosh are more cramped than others.

Thirty rooms in Delaware Hall have been equipped with bunk beds and made to accommodate three students instead of two, said Susan Grindrod, associate vice-president of housing and ancillary services. Prospective students were informed about this and even given the opportunity to request a three person room, she explained. Students were assigned to these rooms randomly, as with all other residence rooms, Grindrod added.

Consecutive nights of violence hits The Wave

Two straight nights of violence at The Wave this week has put a damper on an otherwise successful Orientation Week.

A brawl involving approximately 15 males broke out at the packed Wave Monday night, though no one was seriously injured, said Dan Smith, manager of the University Students' Council's bar operations. About 12 staff members broke up the fight and eventually ejected the combatants from the bar.

USC golf cart taken for joy ride, crashed

A golf cart stolen from outside the University Community Centre that belonged to the University Students' Council was found hanging off a bridge over Medway Creek on Tuesday at about 2:30 a.m., said Elgin Austen, interim director for the Campus Community Police Service.

Girl accosted near Delaware Hall, jackasses captured

Frosh Week is definitely a time to have fun, but it is important not to forget concerns about safety in the midst of the excitement. An incident that occurred at 2 a.m. Wednesday morning is a reminder of this point.

Fire strikes Huron Food Court

Yesterday afternoon a fire broke out behind the Huron University College Food Court.

Just after 4 p.m. the London Fire Department was called after flames were noticed in a dumpster next to the back wall of the food court. The dumpster was filled mainly with cardboard.

From the Far Lane: When O-Week ends all blindfolds come off

In a few days, frosh will know what university life is really like.

Orientation Week festivities will be over - and although a lot of good, wholesome fun will have been had, the little knot in each first-year belly that has said "this is just like camp" all week long will disappear.

Eves finally sets an election date - candidate get uppity

The recent provincial election called by Ontario Premier Ernie Eves has brought post-secondary issues to the forefront as London North Centre candidates battle for student votes.

"We believe tuition fees are too high and have denied students access [to Ontario universities]," said Rebecca Coulter, New Democratic Party candidate for the riding.

Tories hate student journalists

Following his election call for Oct. 2, Ontario Premier Ernie Eves made a campaign stop in London at Spencer Hall where The Gazette was barred from entering by the London Police Department.

"We too have been turned away at Ernie's door - the people of Ontario have been turned away at Eves' door," stated Sheila White, director of communications for the New Democratic Party's campaign headquarters.

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