September 5, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 5  

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Mustangs defensive front

By: Ian Denomme

The Mustangs defense was arguably their Achilles heel in 2002. However, with another year under their belt and some strong recruits, the defense should be improved.

New defensive coordinator Paul Gleason will have an experienced group to work with which is bigger, stronger, faster and deeper. They also have recruited very well and Haylor is confident they’ll be much improved.

"We're much better up front on the defensive line," Haylor said. "That's a good place to be good because it makes everybody else better. It makes the linebackers and secondary less vulnerable."

The Mustangs returning group of defensive linemen include 6'5", 265 lb. John Csoborko; 6'2", 268 lb. Adam DiCola and 6'2", 245 lb. Adrian Rocca.

There's also a strong returning core at linebacker with Brian Wettlaufer, John Rowan and Tom Norris.

Wettlaufer summed up the defensive goals very simply: "Give up less points."

Wettlaufer and Rowan both agreed the defense is improved and they know what they have to do to give the team a chance to win.

"We have to make big plays and create turnovers," Wettlaufer said.

"Last year we didn't make those big plays, so this year we have to come up big in clutch situations," Rowan added.

He also said this year's squad is more suited for the type of defense they'll need to play. They want to create confusion and not allow other teams to run on them.

Although the secondary is rebuilding, the overall defense is improved and should be able to make the plays needed to help the offense.



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