September 9, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 6  

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Campus Rec helps wallet weight loss

If you're one of the few students who stick to a regular work-out regime, or if you just frequent the revamped Tim Hortons in the basement of the University Community Centre, you've probably noticed Campus Rec's new addition of magical machines to help your figure.

Shoplifting higher education

You heard it here first: I'm a thief.

Well, sort of. When I was eight years old I ripped a mini-notebook full of horse stickers out of a horse magazine and innocently asked my mom that "Since I found it on the floor, I can keep it, right?" Of course, my mom saw through my scheme and told me to put it back.

Whatchoo talkin' bout Ernie?

On Tues., Sep. 2, Ontario Conservative Premier Ernie Eves called a provincial election for Oct. 2. Henceforth, the mud-slinging began:

Tennis needs to be Opened up to the fans

During one of the million rain delays of this year's U.S. Open, CBS decided to fill the time by showing a Jimmy Connors match from 1991, when the cagey veteran was making a Cinderella run to the semi-finals.

Frosh needs a rooster



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