September 9, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 6  

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Students' parking pushed to periphery

The elimination of some undergraduate student parking spaces has angered students, although officials point out there are still several lots on the periphery of campus available for use.

The green Springett parking spaces (located west of Western Rd.) have been taken up by gray parking spaces, which are reserved for staff and faculty, said Dave Riddell, associate-VP of physical plant and capital planning at Western.

The USC's never ending lawsuit delayed again

Since 1997, the University Students' Council and several other Canadian student unions have been contesting a lawsuit with the Canadian Federation of Students-Services, Travel Cuts and the Association of Student Councils.

The dispute centres around the ownership of Travel Cuts. Before 1991, over 70 student associations owned Travel Cuts by way of their membership in the Association of Student Councils.

More under age students not a big headache

The percentage of students at Western below the legal drinking age has quadrupled this year, which could pose several problems for many services around campus.

According to University Students' Council VP-student affairs Matt Huether, 15 per cent of the student body was under 19 years old last year. That number, thanks to the double cohort, has ballooned to 60 per cent this fall.

The weekly crime report

The best behaved people on campus this week were actually the frosh. Though Campus Community Police Services was dispatched several times, most of their difficulties involved upper-year students.
Police were called to one pathway on campus in response to reports of someone a little too eager to get "back to school," in a situation CCPS interim director Elgin Austen said "could've been serious."

How other universities fared during move in

The dreaded double cohort swamped universities all over Ontario last week, taking up hotels, stopping traffic and cramming students into every available spot on campuses.

Here at Western, Perth Hall was built to add nearly 450 beds. Rooms for upper-year students in residence were taken out and some double rooms in Delaware Hall turned into triple rooms.
How does that compare to elsewhere?

Western grad student runs for city council

No one can accuse Western of a lack of high achievers in its student body. Joshua Morgan, a masters student in political science, formally entered the race for city councillor in Ward 1 early last week.

Morgan completed his bachelor of arts in political science and economics at Western and also served as the University Students' Council VP-education last year, as well as president of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance, which gave him experience lobbying both federal and provincial governments on behalf of Ontario students.

Campus Rec cardio room comes with user fees

Campus Recreation has expanded and is offering the use of a new cardio room - for the right price.

"In recent years the demand for cardio services was growing quickly," said Elizabeth Elliot, fitness and dance coordinator at Campus Rec. There have been complaints about the overcrowded cardio room and the reservation sheets for cardio equipment were always full, she added.

USC likes Quality Ass.

The government of Ontario has dedicated a portion of this year's budget to the province's universities, with some conditions attached. The money is intended to ensure the quality of education does not decline due to the double cohort. Western stands to receive about $6 million.

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