September 9, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 6  

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The weekly crime report

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff

The best behaved people on campus this week were actually the frosh. Though Campus Community Police Services was dispatched several times, most of their difficulties involved upper-year students.
Police were called to one pathway on campus in response to reports of someone a little too eager to get "back to school," in a situation CCPS interim director Elgin Austen said "could've been serious." The driver was literally backing up at a very high speed. No one was injured and the driver was stopped on Western Rd. and charged with unsafe operation of a motor vehicle and driving without insurance. Of all the things not to buy when you do stupid things like that, you'd think insurance would be a must...

CCPS also put the bite on some off-campus parties this past Thursday night. According to Austen, there were three house parties from which police seized six kegs of beer and four 60 oz. bottles of vodka. There were upward of 200 under agers planning to attend, he added. There's no word on how the officers disposed of the hooch, but there are unconfirmed rumours of eight officers performing "Livin' on a Prayer" at around 5 a.m.

There were, of course, the usual calls to the Student Emergency Response Team for some mirth makers' alcohol-related injuries. Police distributed what Austen called "a few warnings and a few charges."

"People were lively, but there were no serious problems," Austen added.

The London Police Department was also busy this week, reported spokesperson Const. Paul Martin.

"There were a few instances where we worked with CCPS," Martin said, pointing out the few routine noise complaints and disturbances but only citing a "normal" amount of activity.

On the lighter side of the blotter, there was an individual caught breaking into cars in the south end of the city this week. When the police arrived, the suspect fled on foot, but was found shortly thereafter waiting for police to arrive - the dumb bastard fell and broke his foot.



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