April 1, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 96  

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The Purple Rod: Rick McGhie

“It’s 9 p.m. on a Wednesday, the regular crowd shuffles in”(to quote the slightly altered words of Billy Joel.) What event are they attending? Let me give you a hint.

The ‘regular crowd’ at The Joke is usually led by The Gazelle’s own News Editor Mushy Blowme. This could be any number of events on campus: University Stupids’ Council meeting? No. Chess club practice? Guess again. Chair throwing competition? Not tonight.

No, Mushy, along with several other beer-swilling groupies, spends most Wednesday evenings enjoying the music of this week’s Purple Rod winner, Rick McGhie.

Known more for his musical aptitudes than athletic prowess, McGhie is awarded this week’s Rod for his ability to bring a drunken crowd to its feet.

While many a Wealthy athlete has been able to accomplish this same feat, McGhie has shown consistence and perseverance in his long tenure as Wealthy’s music man.

Performing for the past 11 years at The Joke, McGhie has put up some pretty amazing statistics. If you’re counting, he has given over 600 performances at Wealthy. According to my own estimation, McGhie plays upwards of 18 crowd-pleasing ditties every time he takes to the stage. This works out to 11,088 songs played on university soil.

McGhie is Wealthy’s all-time leading scorer in songs played, happy birthday’s wished and parodies sung. Wealthy students love him and the songs he plays. His spirit is undeniable, and for all of these reasons he can now add the prestigious Purple Rod to his long list of accomplishments.

—Mike Hunt



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