April 1, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 96  

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Cock Talk with McGhie

Mike Hunt/Gazelle
SINGING IS A SPORT, AND I DARE YOU TO ARGUE WITH ME! Finally, after numerous years of entertaining drunken fans, Rick McGhie is awarded the Purple Rod for his excellence in singing.

What do you like about playing at The Joke?
I like the students. I like how they get into the music and how they participate. What else can I say? I don’t drink, so I’m not in it for the beer.

This year attendance at The Joke is down. Has this affected your performances at all?
No, not really. Attendance is down on the whole, but I don’t feel like it’s down too much on my nights. It usually gets pretty full, and we have a lot of fun.

What is your favourite song about sports?
I don’t know, I mean, I could give you something really obscure, but I don’t think anyone will know what it is. It’s an old song called “Right Field,” and it’s by Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul and Mary). It’s about a kid playing little league, and it’s a really good song.

This year, I’ve noticed that your repertoire includes “The Rodeo Song.” Is this due to your love of the rodeo, or just cursing?
(laughs). No, no. I play that one because a bunch of guys asked me for it. I used to play it a long time ago, but these guys wanted it to become a regular part of my repertoire again. So there it is, but when I did it before, no one else ever joined in, and now they do. It adds a certain amount of charm when other people get into it.

Do you consider performing musically to be similar in any way to performing athletically?
Yeah, I think that singing is a muscle, and you can suffer the same sort of injuries that you can playing sports. There’s a certain amount of training and conditioning that goes into being able to sing every night. You run into fatigue and you can get tendonitis in your vocal cords, so there’s definitely a physical element to performing.

With all the talk about violence in sports these days (ie., hockey players using their sticks as weapons), I was wondering if you have ever used a musical instrument as a weapon?
No, but I’ve thought about using a mic stand though. (laughs). No, using a musical instrument would be unfair to the musical instrument.

Along those same lines, have you ever been accused of high-picking?
High-picking? Umm (Rick laughs nervously while I attempt to explain my witty joke). Oh I get it, it’s a pun (more nervous laughter). No, no I haven’t. Good one (rolling eyes).
—Mike Hunt



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