April 2, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 97  

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Much ado about Bachelor of Nothing

Re: “Selling sex,” Mar. 30, 2004

To the Editor:
In her crusade to rid the world of the beauty of the female form, Ms. Lussier has overlooked the obvious connection of selling sex with rock ’n’ roll. Like coffee and a smoke, or hockey and beer, rock has always come with its God-given counterpart: groupies.

How else could a nerd like Elvis Costello or the skeleton that claims to be Steven Tyler ever find love? The door swings both ways. Mama Cass was not an attractive woman, and Madonna is blatantly nuts, yet music found mates for both.

If this isn’t enough proof of the sex/music combo, I implore you to look at Jessica Simpson (however brutal her music is), Ani Difranco or the ever-so-dreamy Justin Timberlake. My advice, Ms. Lussier, is to get out of that cubicle in the basement of Taylor Library and grab a guitar.

Zac MacKay
Engineering III

To the Editor:
After reading Tuesday’s “Selling sex” letter about the band Bachelor of Nothing, I found it interesting to note that Ms. Lussier only observed the “trashy women,” yet failed to notice that BON is much more than “disgusting and unacceptable.” I wonder if she even took the time to listen to their music before passing judgment. Bachelor of Nothing’s music is in fact quite progressive and floats on its own without the need for gimmicks.

Although I do not necessarily agree with the exploitation of women for profit, this band is only as guilty as most mainstream artists. Criticizing a rock group for associating themselves with sex is like condemning the Easter bunny for hiding eggs. People need to see past everyday marketing in order to give music a chance.

Stacey McIntosh
Kinesiology IV


To the Editor:
What is it about those obnoxious music-blasting assholes? These people obviously don’t care what you think, and good for them for being selfish bastards.

You’ll find them at the library, on the bus and sitting three rows behind you in your 8 a.m. calculus class. University creates a homing beacon to the people who are obnoxious and take great glee in pissing others off.

This isn’t just the music blasters, it’s every loudmouth who doesn’t know how to use a cellphone, and leaves it on so it plays “Wanksta” as a ringtone in the middle of a very key point in a lecture.

Assume a little responsibility, show a little decency to your fellow students and stop disturbing us with your inane music or chatter. Freedom to disturb others doesn’t mean you should exercise this freedom at every last turn.

So, to the jerk in the computer lab blasting Jay-Z: turn your music the hell off.

Beatrice Yu
Classical Studies & Anthropology II

It’s all over now, baby blue

Re: “Student parents concerned over new day care’s priorities,” Mar. 26, 2004

To the Editor:
This whole mess regarding the Western Day Care Centre stinks. Five years ago, I had to put my unborn baby’s name on a waiting list. It was only when he was 15 months old that I received a call about an available spot. That means there are a lot more students, staff and faculty that have to compete for a placement than the 150 spots account for.

As your article pointed out, WDCC was established more than 30 years ago by students to answer the needs of student parents. It has always operated in the black and is known as the best day care centre in the London area. The staff are dedicated, educated and the most caring I have ever seen. Yet, once again in the spirit of many things Western-post-Y2K, a good thing has to be taken over by administration and turned upside down until it bleeds from the nose.

The YMCA of London has only 15 years of experience in child care services. The WDCC has been operating for over 32 years. The staff of the WDCC — while some of the best in their field when it comes to early childhood education — are not trained bureaucrats. They could not compete with the Y when they were asked to submit a business proposal to operate the new centre. The committee that decided who should run the new centre was comprised of senior Western administrators and a faculty member. The decision was not unanimous, and I believe there was no student and staff representation.

At the information session hosted by Western and the YMCA, many parents were outraged at how their concerns and the needs of their children were not being taken into account. The majority of these parents are students and staff. As one parent pointed out, “if it weren’t for students, none of us would have jobs, and if it weren’t for staff, the faculty could not possibly do their jobs.”

Now that the university has succeeded in wrestling away the WDCC, my proposal to the University Students’ Council is to buy a house nearby and hire the current WDCC staff to operate a new child care facility with priority given to students first. With the history of WDCC, it is obvious that such a venture would not fail.

S. Nikpour
BSc Chemistry 2003

Living on the edge

Re: “Moody blues,” Mar. 25, 2004

To the Editor:
To people who write letters complaining about “offensive” material: fuck you. If you can’t read The Gazette without being violated by its content, then take your conservative lifestyle somewhere else. Perhaps the ever-thrilling Western News is more to your liking?

I can’t stress enough how much I hate seeing pretentious, anal-retentive, irate morons writing about how offensive you find a generally satirical yet sometimes insightful STUDENT NEWSPAPER. As your mothers told you back when you were young, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all. I realize I’m being slightly hypocritical by including that expression in a letter where I’m effectively giving you uptight a-holes the finger, but it had to be said.

I’d like to take this opportunity to agree with Mr. Moody. Drinking your beers and fucking your sluts is by far the best way to spend St. Paddy’s Day. If you don’t like his CLEARLY humourous and slightly drunken suggestion, then why don’t you find somebody else with an equally boring view of the world and talk to them about it.

Nobody reads The Gazette to see you complain; they read it for an update on Western culture and a smile in the morning. Accept the fact that some people enjoy a little more edgy humour than you do, and I bet the world will continue to turn.

How many politically correct people does it take to screw in a light bulb? None. They are permanently in the fucking dark.

Graham Brown
Social Science I

A good Rogering

To the Editor:
A little while ago, I came home and sat down at my computer and was upset by the fact my Internet was shut off. After the usual Rogers run-around, I was finally told my Internet was shut off for one week because I had used it too much.

I found this strange because I subscribe to and pay for unlimited Internet access. After about 20 minutes of the Rogers representative trying to explain to me how unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited, I finally just hung up.

I thought the insanity of this “limited unlimited” Internet idea might actually make my head explode, but after I drank about a pint of straight vodka, smoked three joints and hit myself in the head repeatedly with a frying pan, it all started to make sense.

Of course — unlimited doesn’t actually mean “without a limit.” It is similar to when I say the Rogers company fucks all of its customers up the ass. I don’t mean it literally, they just don’t have the time to be that thorough. Or when I say I hope the people in charge at Rogers all deserve a swift kick in the junk... well the truth is, I mean it for real.

Oh well, I guess the only choice I have is to abandon modern society and live in the jungle. Sure, I’ll miss this world, but there will be no more Rogers.

Ian Yates
English IV

Black Eyed piece o’crap

To the Editor:
What’s wrong with the world, momma? The Black Eyed Peas, that’s what.

I didn’t mind their first single “Where’s the Love” because it said something different from all the rap and hip-hop music these days. But after their next two offerings — “Let’s Get Retarded” and “Shut Up” — it’s hard to have any respect for the band. One song makes a crack at mentally handicapped people while promoting senseless drunkenness, and the other perpetuates ignorance.

Why do we listen to this crap? Everyone knows the words to the songs that are played endlessly at bars and clubs, but does anyone stop to think about the message in the music (if there even is one)? Music is supposed to be about personal expression, right? Well, if your message is just like the rest and your expression consists of chanting “shut up” over and over, I think it’s high time you were the ones to shut the fuck up.

Travis Brooke-Bisschop
Biology I



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