April 6, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 98  

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Prince of thieves
Stiles’ film steals your time

Although The Prince and Me will inevitably be categorized as a “teen romantic comedy,” the director forgot one important thing: romantic comedies are supposed to be funny!

Planet Smashers get their faces smashed

You can take a boy out of Toronto, but can you ever take Toronto out of a boy?

Beauty Queen hopefuls:
Can they end poverty in Alberta?

Marshall Law

The road to becoming Canada’s Beauty Queen is a long one — the weekend begins with registration, followed by a long line of photo opportunities, unending autograph signings, luncheons, free dinners, swanky cocktail parties and, finally, the actual pageant leading into the Coronation Ball.

Cheap, fast, easy

This week’s edition of All You Can Eat should really be called “All You Can Not Eat.”

Hip-hop gets bad rap? 50 skips T.O. for London

This month, the John Labatt Centre is preparing to host a sold-out show featuring G-Unit who are promoting the release of their Beg For Mercy album. Oddly, the tour has chosen to exclude Toronto from its concert listings.



Another Juno Awards ceremony went down in history on Sunday, this time in the giant mall town of Edmonton. The city is also situated in the home province of Nickelback, so you should be able to smell where the awards were going — and it frighteningly reeks.



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