April 6, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 98  

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High Holy Days
All My Real Friends
Roadrunner Records

Fans of unbiased opinions take heed: High Holy Days is “the best rock band in Canada,” according to Jamie Milligan of Roadrunner Records. However, fans of the truth will be disappointed to hear that the North Bay quartet’s debut release All My Real Friends sounds like little more than a Creed tribute.

The disc does have a few decent tracks. “The Getaway” is catchy and the pseudo-ballad “The River of Styx” is OK, but you’ll have the feeling that you’ve heard it all before. And you have. The band’s lead singer, Marc Arcand, does a dead-on Scott Stapp impersonation for the duration of the album.

And if lies make the baby Jesus cry, then copycat rock bands make baby Jesus shit his diaper in rage.

—Arthur Thuot



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