April 6, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 98  

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Drunken stupidity caps off ‘quiet’ year of crime

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff

London Police Department spokesperson Const. Paul Martin said that despite the few calls police responded to this weekend (none of them on campus), police have been pleased with the conduct of Western students this year.

“It’s been a relatively quiet year — hats off to students for being respectful of London,” he said, reminding students to keep up the good work. “We’ve all seen the pictures of boulevards full of junk,” he added, asking students to leave on a respectful note and be responsible when cleaning out their houses.

Aside from praising us, London police were kept busy this week with a few oddball incidents; Sunday, police responded to an ongoing noise complaint on Oxford St. E.

When police arrived, the occupant turned down his stereo and came to the door, where he shone a flashlight into the officers’ eyes, then went back inside and turned it up again; when asked to explain, he remarked that he liked the song. He was charged with mischief, resisted arrest and was charged for that too.

A 40-year-old male was charged with mischief, uttering threats and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public when he was apprehended while swinging a metal fence post in the drive-thru at a Hamilton Rd. Tim Hortons. Police were responding to reports of several beer bottles being thrown at the drive-thru window, and the fence post-swinger was responding to the bottle-throwers.

On a more serious note, the LPD also charged a 31-year-old male with sexual assault after a woman was attacked on York St., although she managed to escape. The man was scheduled to appear in court yesterday.

Friday’s spring All-Soph Pub at The Wave resulted in a broken window. “I think it was punched out when someone was ejected,” said manager Dan Smith. “It’s already been replaced — I’m not making a big deal out of it.”

Campus Community Police Service’ director Elgin Austen confirmed that no charges were laid in the incident, but reported the weekend consisted of the usual “fights, disturbances and injuries.

“This being the last month, I would think people would be concentrating on their exams and things — but we had a few [students] who got into some difficulties,” he said.

Police also responded to a motorcycle accident, Austen said. “This time of year, you’re going to have that,” he said of the crash. “There’s sand on the road, and [drivers] are rusty from having the winter off — and they end up injured for the summer.”

In happier bike news, Austen said the police gathered up some used bicycles in response to the London Boys and Girls Club’s request for donations.



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