April 7, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 99  

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Dear Juliet: this doc’s for you

Dear Juliet
Director/Producer/Writer: Patricia Fogliato

By Christine Davis
Gazette Writer

FAIR JULIET. Shakespeare’s Juliet dispense advice on love and life in Patricia Fogliato’s documentary Dear Juliet, airing tonight on TVO.

Dear Juliet is a documentary detailing the legend of Juliet of Verona, and the profound effect her tale has had on that city and the world.

Since 1935, lovers from around the world have written to Juliet for advice on life and love. It was Ettore Solimani, the caretaker of her grave, who decided to respond to those letters. Along with Giullio Tamussia, a group of 10 formed the Juliet Club.

Today, the Juliet Club consists of a group of women known as ‘The Seven Juliets of Verona’ who answer 5,000 letters every year, making it difficult to respond promptly.

Dear Juliet explores the phenomenon of the Juliet correspondence and the impassioned women who strive to keep her legend alive. The film highlights little known facts about the Romeo and Juliet story and explores the world’s lingering fascination with the great love story. Juliet’s is a tale that encourages people of all ages to love, and reiterates the old saying that it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

The documentary delves into the lives of The Seven Juliets of Verona and explains each of their outlooks on love as well as their reasons for being a part of the Juliet Club. These seven women serve as reminders of the courage Juliet had; the courage that allowed her to deliberately go against the will of her family and instead follow her heart. They claim that their letters are a way of having Juliet teach us that in love, we must have the courage to believe in ourselves completely.

While the reading of Shakespeare’s tale during overly romanticized images of a modern Juliet may be a little over-the-top romantic, the overall tale is a great source of information. Anyone interested in Romeo and Juliet, the history of the city of Verona or just love and life in general would enjoy this documentary.

Watching Dear Juliet is time well spent and will bring out the romantic in anyone. Then write to Juliet yourself at: Juliet, Verona, Italy.

Dear Juliet airs on TVO tonight at 10 p.m. and repeats Sunday, Apr. 11 at midnight.



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