April 8, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 100  

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Through the looking glass: an examination of university research

As undergraduate students, we spend most of our time going between classes, the library and the bar. However, Western’s campus is home to a host of innovative research endeavours, something that, as undergraduate students, we rarely consider in our daily routines.

Book learnin’ pays off in research $$$

Associate professor of English, Bryce Traister, is proof that a year away from the classroom — combined with some valuable funding — is the perfect equation for amplified research, as well as revitalization.

Shakespeare versus science

Social science and humanities research is often thought to get the short end of the funding stick; after all, new findings about James Joyce won’t cure cancer. But the alleged discrepancy between available financial support for technological research and that for arts and humanities research may be misleading.

Western to big wigs: show us the money

As many Western students moan and groan about final essays and research papers, there are those in the Western community embarking on research endeavours they are actually motivated to complete — partly because federal grants given to these projects make them a bit more engaging than insignificant papers.

Another look at the Bio-Dome

Wrobel Stuff

Much is often said (read: bitched) about how living in our very own purple Bio-Dome limits and restricts us.



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