April 8, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 100  

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Another look at the Bio-Dome

Wrobel Stuff
Maggie & Kelly

Campus Life Editor

Much is often said (read: bitched) about how living in our very own purple Bio-Dome limits and restricts us.

There are the same old arguments about fashion clones and grumbling about the price of food at CentreSpot and, admittedly, we at The Gazette are often also guilty of participating in the Western-bashing. However, we have a good excuse, as one of our unspoken mandates at Canada’s only daily student newspaper is to be the voice of dissent — the beacon that shines a light on the diversity of Western’s campus.

Exposing the diversity at Western has also specifically been the mandate of this year’s Campus Life section. Last summer, when we were hired on as the section’s editors, we decided to give the section a facelift. Formerly known as Campus & Culture, the weekly section used to focus on broader issues that affect students, including drug use, AIDS and racial discrimination.

This year, we decided to shift the focus of the section to a more Western-specific basis. When we met last summer to plan out the first term’s worth of topics, we decided we wanted to focus exclusively on issues and events that would have a direct impact on the lives of Western students. This led to a schedule of pre-planned topics for the first term, and a list for the second term that we wrote during the Christmas holiday.

With this new vision in mind, we aimed to strike a topical balance of relevant and interesting political and administrative issues, as well as more light-hearted but still appropriately fun topics.

The first term’s worth of sections covered a large variety of issues, including (among others) Orientation Week, the file sharing debate, the application process for graduate studies, the Quarter Life Crisis and fraternities and sororities.

In the second term we focused on Valentine’s Day, exchange programs, international students, animal research, the importance of reading, volunteering and the importance of university research, among other topics.

We hope we’ve done a good job covering topics that are relevant to all students at Western and to end off our year as CL editors, we’d like to offer up our list of top five Campus Life sections of the year:

1) “Political correctness: which side are you on?” — Sept. 18, 2003
2) “A Day in the Life o’ USC President Paul Yeoman” — Sept. 19, 2003
“A Day in the Life of Western Prez Paul Davenport” — Feb. 6, 2004
3) “Secret Societies? Frats and sororities exposed” — Sept. 25, 2003
4) “Modern day rebellion: relevant or ridiculous?” — Nov. 20, 2003
5) “Exposed: uncovering animal research at Western” — Mar. 4, 2004



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