April 8, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 100  

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Theatre Western is the shiznit

After a lacklustre 2002/03 season, Theatre Western pimped out an amazing year. January’s Purple Shorts, a festival of one-act plays, featured entirely new productions, all written and directed by students. Next up was the sell-out Don’t Tell Mama, a musical theatre revue featuring a phenomenal cast of powerhouse vocalists. And finally, the season ended on a remarkable note with the Kander & Ebb musical Cabaret, at Talbot Theatre.

This year saw a renewed interest in theatre at Western, thanks mainly to the dedication of an awesome Theatre Western Commissioner and University Students’ Council VP-student affairs Matt Huether, so props to them. With aggressive marketing and publicity campaigns that set the campus abuzz, students flocked to see the dynamic talent presented on stage. The 2003/04 season has set the bar high and has begun the cultivation of a truly vibrant arts community.

Nothing epitomizes the pettiness, sheer stupidity, short-sightedness and the general all-around ignorance of the University Students’ Council more than the whole debate over the infamous purple awning that adorns Concrete Beach.

Imagine a group of school children arguing over the most pointless thing in the world, and you will have an inkling of the manner in which the USC sometimes behaves.

The awning was in the schematics for the Concrete Beach renovations, which were approved by council. With the money already spent after it was installed, a motion was presented to council to remove it, at extra cost.

After several hours of pointless and cyclical debate, the motion came to a vote — one case where the conformity that afflicts council actually benefited the student population — and the motion was voted down.

Last Friday, Gazette staff members agreed to sit down with our friends from the Women’s Issues Network and listen to a bevy of complaints about our “sexist,” “obscene” and “inappropriate” ways.

The meeting went exactly as anticipated: one and a half hours of arguing.

WIN cited examples that included the use of the word “retards” in a column about political correctness and an editorial in the paper that declared our disdain for violence at Canadian universities (apparently, not liking violence meant we were somehow quashing free speech in the context of the Middle East conflict).

At the conclusion of the meeting, the members of WIN were kind enough to let us know their complaints had “a legal future.” Let us take liberty with the famous words of celebrity lawyer Johnny Cochrane: “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must be a twit.”



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