April 8, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 100  

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Looking back at a year of Western news

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff

With this issue being the grand finale for Vol. 97, we thought we’d sum up the highlights (and therefore, everyone else’s lowlights) as reported in this year’s Gazette.

Wet/Dry halted after Gov’t scrutiny (Sept. 23, 2003)
Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario inspectors busted three underaged girls drinking at The Wave, forcing the University Students’ Council to shut down the decade-old program and leaving first-year students out in the cold on Rick McGhie night. In addition, the university’s liquor licence could be suspended, pending a hearing this summer.

New film dept. amid continuing controversy (Oct. 7, 2003)
After losing three of its four film professors over the summer, Western administration created a new film studies department in the faculty of arts, separating the program from its prior home, the English department.

Admin shits on “Cow Plop” idea (Oct. 28, 2003)
A fundraising “bingo” game for United Way organized by the USC would have brought a live cow to Concrete Beach. Unfortunately for council, both administration and the United Way had sanitation concerns, and nixed the event.

Beach ceremony as construction goes on (Oct. 30, 2003)
The USC and Western administration served up free cake for the official grand opening of the new Concrete Beach — while construction workers laboured away in the background. The renovation, scheduled to be completed by Frosh Week, then Homecoming, should be completed by the Second Coming.

Purple awning to cause USC ruckus (Nov. 5, 2003)
The USC endured lengthy discussion about whether or not to keep the purple awning (which had already been approved by council as part of the $350,000 renovation to Concrete Beach). In the end, council roused News Editor Marshall Bellamy from his Wednesday night nap, and decided to keep the awning.

USC insurance headache (Jan. 8, 2004)
Effective Jan. 1, the USC’s insurance agreement no longer included host liquor liability — a development that essentially forced club events to remain on campus and limited their possible venues.

One-third of Western’s garbage recyclable: audit (Mar. 5, 2004)
A review of Western’s waste audit spurred Hospitality and Food Services into action to reduce waste from campus’s primary source — Tim Hortons cups. A travel mug sale was held in CentreSpot.

Ivey and engineering at odds over graduate ring (Mar. 11, 2004)
When the Honours Business Administration Association announced that gold rings were to be presented to HBA graduates, engineering students and faculty responded angrily. The engineering tradition of the “iron ring” is carried on in memory of a bridge collapse in Quebec nearly 100 years ago, to remind engineers of their responsibility to society, while the Ivey rings were essentially a gift.



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