April 8, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 100  

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The final airing of grievances

Paolo Zinatelli

Deputy Editor

So this is it. My final column for The Gazette Vol. 97.

Most front office editors take this space to write retrospectives on their time spent within the walls of Rm. 263 in the University Community Centre.

This, I assure you, will not be such a column. I have a lot of great memories from the past three years here, but those are best saved for another time. And quite frankly, they’d be so personal you would have needed to work here to understand what I was talking about.

I’ve spent the past year exposing my obsessive compulsive disorder, my love of Oreos and my disgust of people wearing bad shoes. Well, this column will veer away from those things and present what I like best: a bitch list.

So, with that being said, I will now take the time to air some frustration. As Frank Constanza said during the airing of grievances at the Festivus dinner, “I got a lot of problems with you people!”

Below is a list of things, that as Deputy Editor, I have come to hate over the past year. To those who know me, they shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Stupid/incompetent people: I hate these people the most. As a student, they were the ones who asked questions in class just to hear their own voices. This past year they have been the ones who take 10 minutes to order food at The Spoke. They’re also the ones who don’t know how to move to the back of the bus. And they are the people who stand in the middle of the stairs in the UCC and carry on coversations. These people need to fuck off and die.

People with no sense of humour: To all the people who had problems with content The Gazette ran this year, this one’s for you. We are a STUDENT newspaper and our content is meant to reflect that. This is the only chance we’ll have in our budding journalism careers to have some fun, while at the same time publishing the best damn student newspaper in the country. If you want to take that away from us, then you can fuck off and die too.

Student politicians: The past two years have intensified my hatred for these people. They are the ones who talk WAY too long at council meetings and take themselves so seriously that they truly believe if they didn’t exist the world would fall apart. As “real” politicians are some of the most hated people on the face of the Earth — and these people obviously are trying to be “real” politicians — then it only makes sense that I hate them, too.

Bureaucracy/red tape: My job this year has been busy, what with having to edit everything in the paper and dealing with all the administrative tasks in the office. But I’ve also spent the year working for a corporation that loves its paper work, and this past year has given me the headache to end all headaches because of it. And when they make changes, adding to the amount of paper work I have to do just because they want to cover their own asses, well my Italian rage goes through the roof.

People that lie to my face: Don’t you think I’ll find out eventually? Do you honestly believe that saying something bad about me behind my back and then smiling politely to my face when I see you won’t be found out? To them I say: you poor, sad, stupid people. I know exactly how you feel. The feeling’s mutual. I’m just willing to say it to your face, while you’re not. And that my friends, is what’s sad.



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