April 8, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 100  

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Sports editors weigh in on year

BYE-BYE, AU REVOIR, CIAO, GOOD-DAY — WE THINK YOU GET THE POINT! Sports editors - Dave Lee, Alison Stolz and Ian Denomme - for the 2003/04 season bid you farewell in the last issue of The Gazette (single tear).

On the DL
David Lee

Sports Editor

This is the end. My beautiful friend, the end.

Summer is upon us, the wonder that is the short skirt will soon return to our fair campus and editors are allowed to thank those who made it all possible.

Thanks to all of you for reading the sports pages this year. We tried to make it fun through our captions, stories and features — I hope you found the articles to be equally informative and irreverent. Next year promises to be a great one as well, so please keep reading.

Above all, thanks to my two co-editors for all their hard work. It is fitting that the portion of The Gazette that chronicles the achievements of Western’s sports teams would not have succeeded without its own brand of teamwork. Ian and Alison, I thank you for the laughs and the lessons learned during our time spent together.

Alison Stolz

Sports Editor

Well, another year has passed, meaning classes are over, exams are beginning and this is the last issue of The Gazette .

While editing sports for the 2003/04 season, I developed my writing skills, experienced Ontario University Athletics soccer quarter-finals, watched OUA badminton championships and got my ass kicked in wrestling practice. Overall, it has been an extremely exciting and interesting year.

One of the biggest lessons learned is not to underestimate anything or anyone. Despite lack of funding, knowledge or previous exposure, successes can be unexpected, and all to often, unacknowledged.

Western has so many talented athletes and teams that go unnoticed by the student population. Hopefully in the future, Western will attribute more recognition to all this talent that helps make the school more reputable.

Au revoir and good luck!

Ian Denomme

Sports Editor

Although it may not look like it right now, spring is here. Classes are over, exams are looming and it’s time to hit the links.

That also means the end to Vol. 97 of Gazette sports. It’s been a fun year and a real learning experience. I learned a lot about all the perks that come with being a Sports Editor. My favourite would have to be the free food at Western hockey games. Those hot dogs and twizzlers really hit the spot.

Thanks to Dave and Ali, our interns and all the faithful readers of The Gazette. I hope you had as much fun reading the sports section as we did bringing it to you.

Also, when next year rolls around and something pisses you off, don’t forget to write lots of letters to The Gazette. There’s a real good-looking guy taking over the Opinions section, but he will still need all the help he can get. Go Leafs Go.



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