February 3, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 68  

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Tad Hamilton sucks, Kate’s nipples rule

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton asks the all important question: how many smiles do you have? Who the fuck cares?

Comfort foods bring warmth to winter

It’s the beginning of February, and like it or not, the grass still won’t be seen for a while. That’s why this week’s All You Can Eat is talking about comfort foods; the meals that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and make us forget about that cruel bitch, Mother Nature.


L.A. Weekly calls The Clumsy Lovers’ newest CD, “A high-impact collision of Bluegrass and Celtic.” Personally, I would rather be in a high-impact collision than subjected to the agony that is this album.


Teen rip-off caper flick
The Perfect Score fails

Every so often, a movie is made that revolutionizes its genre, causing film critics and fans alike to applaud the cinematic brilliance of its work. The Perfect Score is not one of these films. However, for a teen comedy, it does manage to stand above the pack.

Round Bed 2: Teasing, testing and tasting lube

Everyone should be aware of the presence of flavoured condoms and you even know which one tastes the best if you’re an avid reader of The Gazette. However, it is likely that fewer of you have come across the marvel of flavoured lube.



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