February 3, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 68  

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Comfort foods bring warmth to winter

By Ash Wittig
Gazette Staff

It’s the beginning of February, and like it or not, the grass still won’t be seen for a while. That’s why this week’s All You Can Eat is talking about comfort foods; the meals that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and make us forget about that cruel bitch, Mother Nature.

Mashed Potatoes:
For a quick fix, you can always get some Lipton Sidekicks, microwave them and enjoy. But it really doesn’t take much longer to make real mashed potatoes, and chances are, it’s cheaper and you won’t be eating potatoes that were once powder. The bonus is that they can be versatile — you can add cheese, garlic, mashed carrots or even broccoli. It’s all good!

Macaroni and Cheese:
What student doesn’t have a box of Kraft Dinner sitting in the cupboard? It’s fast, easy and does the trick. You could make your own, but why would you want to when the people at Kraft have already perfected it? The only thing that makes this meal better is sliced-up wieners and dousing it in ketchup. P.S.: Kraft Macaroni and Velveeta Cheese is gross; it is the opposite of everything tasty. Never eat this.

Grilled Cheese:
This is best paired with a bowl of hot chicken soup on those really icy days when you can’t seem to get warm. The frying pan may be your friend, but your best friend is Mr. George Foreman. You could always use fancy bread and block cheese, but the best grilled cheese sandwiches are made with Wonder Bread and Kraft Singles. For a successful grilled cheese, put butter or margarine on the outside of the bread before grilling, making for a delicious, non-soggy sandwich.

This is where it’s better to make your own. Campbell’s makes some damn good soups, but if you do it right, yours will be better. This is only good, however, when you’ve got all day to lounge around and fawn over it. Another good meal in the “soup” category is stew or chili. Chunky is a good route to go, but again, if you make it yourself it’s so much better.

Sure, eating this stuff will probably make you gain a few pounds, but polar bears don’t stay warm by being on the Atkins diet. Then again, polar bears probably don’t eat mashed potatoes — usually they just drink Coke. For good recipes, head online to www.allrecipes.com or grab the perennial culinary bible, The Joy of Cooking.



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