February 3, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 68  

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Robineau for USC: a ‘personal touch’

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff

Fourth-year sociology student Kathy Robineau has two reasons why you should elect her as the next University Students’ Council president.

“Experience and personality. I’m the only candidate who has the experience to do this job, and I have the fun and outgoing, charismatic personality that people want to see in their USC president,” she said.

“I’ve been on the USC two years as a social science councillor; I served as senator-at-large, which allowed me to deal with the education portfolio. Most recently, I was Charity Ball Commissioner. I’ve also served on various committees, so I’ve kind of gotten a feel for how things work on all sides of the USC,” she said, adding she has also been a social science and Shinerama soph.

Robineau’s platform includes a plan to find more employment opportunities for Western graduates in London, a new speaker series and a framework through which to get more student feedback.

She has already set the wheels in motion on student surveys, which she hopes to implement in the same way as professor evaluations.

“I’ve already talked to Roma Harris (Western’s vice-provost and registrar), who has said it’s doable. It’s supposed to, year after year, direct the board’s initiatives so that they’re doing exactly what the students want,” she said.

Robineau said she plans to devise a communications plan for the USC. “[It would] strengthen the link between the USC and its constituent councils [with] specific ideas, specific rules [and] procedures for getting information out.”

She commended this year’s council for its work with volunteers. “Soliciting volunteers has been huge, [but] we just don’t have places for them to get involved — I’d like to see that fixed. We’re missing the link between the database and the opportunity for them to get involved.

“I kind of think the USC is missing that personal touch,” Robineau said, adding its a problem she proposes to remedy through her campaign. “I’m going to try to meet as many students as I can in the next two weeks, and try to solicit as much feedback from them as possible for for the next year.”



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