February 4, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 69  

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Is Job Fair worthwhile?

While it’s nice Western is trying to give something back after turning us upside down and shaking every penny from our pockets, a useless Job Fair just seems like a kick in the teeth.

Ugly people wearing bad shoes


I decided that after five years of being at Western, I would give in to the persistent requests of my lovably adorable, walking hormone of a friend and her requests to attend this year’s Charity Ball.

Supreme Court needs a spanking

From the Far Lane

Last Friday’s decree by the Supreme Court of Canada concerning spanking was abhorrent, not because of the ruling itself, but because the court actually believes it has the right to dictate parenting, among all the other issues on which it sees fit to impose its will upon our so-called democratic country.

Talkin’ about walkers & fries

What the Shuk?

Two items that require comment...




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