February 4, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 69  

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Is Job Fair worthwhile?

While it’s nice Western is trying to give something back after turning us upside down and shaking every penny from our pockets, a useless Job Fair just seems like a kick in the teeth.

Crowding our already overcrowded University Community Centre atrium yesterday were a host of tables, corporations, organizations and people. Events such as these should take place in less disruptive locations, such as The Great Hall or Alumni Hall. Traffic in the UCC is absolutely painful on days such as yesterday.

To make matters worse, it was a completely useless waste of time. It was a job fair without jobs, and representatives that do not cater to the degrees with which the majority of Western students will be graduating.

The companies present at yesterday’s job fair — ranging from large corporations like Pepsi and Pizza Pizza to a host of health and financial organizations — catered to a very specific group of students with specific degrees, such as science, business or engineering.

As a result, it is incredibly misleading to call the event an “all campus” fair. Under such a title, you would think there would be a wide array of employment opportunities for students will all types of degrees, but it is painfully obvious this was not the case. Students with arts and humanities degrees were not as well received with glowing hopes for their future.

Also, many of the representatives from various organizations admitted they were not planning on recruiting students, but simply using this opportunity to get out information for their companies. So, it’s not really a job fair — it’s more like an advertisement fair. Nice. Real nice.

And to be perfectly honest, even if they were looking for potential employees, what’s the likelihood you would get a job, or even a second glance? Slim to none.

The presence of other universities and colleges at this fair leads students to question the validity of their degrees. Are these people trying to say our Western degree is meaningless and we need to attend Fanshawe College to obtain some sort of valid, worthwhile employment? Maybe, but we don’t need it rubbed in our faces.

On a side note, with Pizza Pizza present, it humourously reinforces the belief that most university students will spend the years after they graduate pumping gas or delivering pizza. Ah, the irony.

Perhaps the one positive thing that may come out of this fair is the fact that many students will realize their degree isn’t as valuable as they may have originally thought and should consider looking into something else.

Job fair? More like unemployment fair.



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