February 4, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 69  

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Watch your language

To the Editor:
I was shocked when the guy behind me in my second-year genetics class blurted out “that’s retarded!” to a question asked by the professor. What was more disturbing was that the majority of the class laughed at this pointless comment — and there was no reaction from our professor. I was under the assumption that those who make it to second year might also be smart enough to recognize that language like this is offensive to many people.

To those who laughed, I wish you luck in the real world, because if you are actually that ignorant, you aren’t going to get very far. But you probably don’t care what I think — to you my comments are most likely “retarded” and “gay.”

Dave Knox
Biology II

America the beautiful

Re: “Listen to profs in your spare time,” Jan. 29, 2004

To the Editor:
A Gazette news brief from Thursday states, “If you’ve ever wondered why Americans seem so arrogant, it may be because they believe they are actually God’s chosen people.” While I recognize such a generalization may have humourous intent, I wasn’t laughing.

I have found that those who tend to criticize the United States usually know very few Americans and have spent very little time there. Still, denouncing America seems to be a favourite pasttime of many students (and professors) at Western. Perhaps many Americans are arrogant, but that pride is justified. America was the first country founded on the rational principle of individual rights — a beacon of prosperity and freedom surrounded by a world contemptuous of that achievement.

The U.S. has historically proven itself a progressive, just and generous nation. It is important to note that George W. Bush’s decisions are not consistent with America’s founding ideology and not reflective of much of America. Being “God’s chosen people” has nothing to do with America’s status. Its greatness was achieved and is maintained by the hard work of free, individual, proud American minds.

Am I American? Yes. Am I arrogant? Probably. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are no humble matters.

Carrie Burdzinski
Biology III

Hot Chick U

To the Editor:
Sweet sassy molassy, get out the cheque book and pay grandma for the rub down. This looks to be a hot girl convention. No, I’m not in Daytona Beach or Cancun, but rather D.B. Weldon Library.

I can’t express more appreciation to the female population of this university for looking so damn fine. I consider myself a rather picky individual, but there seems to be a “sitting and reading fashion show” of gorgeous women strategically placed around my location. I wonder why the vast majority of men venture to the bars searching for tail, when they could get their daily dose at Weldon.

My girlfriend would be rather upset that I’m writing this letter, but I feel I’m doing this out of the goodness of my heart to help a fellow man with his uncontrollable testosterone urges.

I don’t consider myself chauvinistic by any means; I’m just stating the obvious. Then again, maybe I’m just your average stereotypical engineer, who interacts with mostly males every day.

Matt Baird
Engineering Science III

Spoke battles student apathy

Re: “Spoke becomes a joke,” Jan. 30, 2004

To the Editor:
Ms. Rotman makes an excellent point: The Spoke’s popularity has declined since last year. Last year it experienced the same problem, and the same thing happened the year before that.

What I can’t understand is how Ms. Rotman has decided that this is the fault of the management. Last time I checked, it is the customers, not the business, that determines where the popular place to go is.

The Spoke offers incentives to frequent their establishment. Perhaps they have stopped offering $1 half-pints on Monday, but I’ll take the $2.50 pints offered every day. As for entertainment, the old standbys of Retro Mondays, Rick McGhie on Wednesdays and Friday Funnies are still around, with the added bonus of Karaoke Tuesdays.

I can remember ringing in my 20th birthday at The Spoke with a packed house on a Monday night. I can only wonder how and when students became “too cool” to go to The Spoke. And while it is unfortunate our underage friends can no longer share in our fun after 9 p.m. following the termination of the Wet/Dry program, most other bars in London have managed to maintain a reasonable level of business without any sort of underage admittance program.

I would like to challenge my fellow Western students to save a little money and join me for a pint at The Spoke any night of the week.

Colin Attwood
History IV
King’s College



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