February 4, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 69  

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Jock Talk with Alanna Boudreau

Explain your opportunity to go to Winnipeg this past weekend.
We took our 4 x 200 women’s relay team, but they needed to fill a fifth spot. Since I’m from Winnipeg, I wanted a good excuse to go home for the weekend. It was fun. I got to go home and compete (in front of all my friends and family).

How was the competition itself?
It was good. We all competed well. I was happy.

What made you decide to come to Western, all the way from Winnipeg?
I was considering going to the [United] States, but obviously money is a big factor. I have a really good friend who is doing her PhD at Western, and she suggested that I come here. She told me how the team is good and the coaches are great, so I came for a visit and ended up here. And I had a place to live (laughs).

Do you miss Winnipeg a lot?
I miss my friends and family, but at the same time, it’s nice because you appreciate it much more when you get a chance to go home and see everyone.

At this point, Alanna breaks off the interview momentarily to have a somewhat excited conversation with a teammate, regarding the results of some of her competitors from other schools while she was away in Winnipeg.

Do you get to know the competition from other schools very well?
Windsor is pretty good, so we compete against them a lot. Since we have two meets there every year we know them pretty well. Competing with each other all the time, you get to know the others from the different meets pretty well.

Is the track and field team very close? Do you hang out often outside of track?
We hang out a lot after track meets. With single day meets, it’s a short bus ride home. Since they’re not far, we’ll all go out together on Saturday night. We’re pretty close. We see a lot of the track team (laughs).

What is your favourite event to compete in?
Triple jump is my favourite, but high jump would have to be a close second.

Do you know what you’ll be doing when you’re finished university?
No, I don’t know (laughs).

—Ian Van Den Hurk



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