February 5, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 70  

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Buck 65 at Call the Office: The beloved hip-hopper from Nova Scotia returned to London last Saturday for a commanding performance — he was smooth, charismatic and beyond gracious, taking time after his set to meet fans at the sold out show. Plus, the accompanying Les Vaudevillains’ sideshow antics — including juggling and interpretive dancing — was hilariously cool.

Nipple shields: Eyebrow barbells and tongue rings? Old news. The latest thing that will freak yo’ momma is the nipple shield, as modelled by Janet Jackson’s greyish, sagging breast. Jackson’s sun-ray nipple shield is only one of the several designs people in the S&M community have been enjoying for years. Boys can wear them too, giving those boy nipples something useful to do after all.

The return of The Pixies: After confirming a headlining appearance at the upcoming California hipster fest Coachella, news has come out this week that the almighty Pixies are booking dates for a larger reunion tour. Oh happy day!


Charity Ball Paris Hilton look-alikes: It’s bad enough Paris Hilton pervades the spotlight with her excess wealth and extracurricular activities. But it’s even worse when Western girls attempt to emulate her by wearing frilly tutu dresses, pointy witch-like shoes and that Paris-poof hairstyle — an alternative to heels when you’re looking to add a few inches to your height.

Dirty slush: Winter can be somewhat tolerable when the snow looks pretty and it sparkles in the sun. However, when the once lovely snow adopts that horrible brown hue, it leaves us with no choice but to despise the season. Walking through the slush equals splattered pants (unless of course, you’re wearing ugly Ugg boots) and the wet feet smell of D.B. Weldon Library.

Midterms: After coasting through the first month of school, we’re entering another horrible crunch time. Reading Week is coming up, but we don’t have any time to make proper plans, and those visiting tropical locales will unlikely have sufficient time to get that base tan. Poor us.



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