February 10, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 72  

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Western students share racy stories

For this week’s Tuesday Tease, we decided to compile some of the raciest sex stories we’ve heard from fellow students. If you have a story of your own, send it our way to gazette.entertainment@uwo.ca.

Apologies to Miss Pussy
I had been seeing a guy for a few weeks and we liked to joke around a lot. One afternoon, we were making out pretty intensely in his room and I took off my shirt. For some reason, he “honked” my tits. He then proceeded to kiss down my stomach and undo my jeans. Unfortunately, I was expecting my rag, so I told him, “Actually, I can’t do that today,” and hinted that it was that time. He looked up at me a little disappointed but accepted the circumstance. Then he looked back down at my crotch, and in a sad, childish voice said, “I’m so sorry Miss Pussy, we can’t fool around today!” Needless to say, I left pretty quickly.

—Madame Pussy

Cum, cum everywhere and not a drop to drink
I was dating a guy, officially for a month, and one day we found ourselves alone in my living room. We started making out on the couch, then moved onto the floor, where I started to give him head for the first time. After three or four bobs, I figured I would let him know that I needed a warning for when he was going to cum. I kept moving my hand as I raised my head to tell him, and just as I said, “Tell me when you’re going t—” he did. It was on my cheek, on my shirt and (worst of all) in my hair!

—Blow Job Gone Wrong

First kiss brings on a nosebleed
Back in high school, I had a boyfriend who had never kissed a girl. I had the privilege of being his first kiss one night at a party. We were alone in a room in the basement and it was completely dark. I could feel him leaning in and then we kissed, but for some reason my upper lip felt exceptionally warm. Suddenly, he pulled back, panicked and ran out of the room. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so I walked to a light in the corridor and touched my upper lip. When I looked at my finger, it was covered in blood. He got a nosebleed on me! Poor guy, his first kiss was a disaster.

—Done With Dating Nerds

Wild night in Cancun
I was in Cancun for Spring break, at a club with my two close friends, and a guy came up to me and started hitting on me. Yes, club “Coco Bongo” was great fun! Especially when a smooth-talking Hawaiian native — with a ripped beach body, if I may add — came up to me and started to work his magic. After working his magic fingers on the dance floor (très risqué), he proposed that I go see this beautiful dock at his hotel on the beach. So, like any respectable woman, I did — just for the scenic view, of course. For the five minutes I watched the full moon light the ocean from the dock, it was perfect. The alcohol was in full effect, so we relocated to the lounge chair on the white sand. I saw stars that night!

—Seeing Stars



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