February 10, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 72  

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‘UWO Sucks’ site raises admin’s ire

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff
Aaron Lynett/Gazette
MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL, AH, ER, IVEY. If people came in the form of squares and rectangles, then wouldn’t UC Tower be a little phalic?

A Western student has found himself at odds with the university’s administration after receiving an e-mail about a website he created called ‘UWO Sucks.’

Second-year political science student Andrew Brett was contacted by Western’s associate general counsel, Steve Jarrett, and was advised to change some of the website’s content.

Brett refered to his site as satirical, calling it more of a joke among friends. “It’s not like I have a personal vendetta against the university,” he noted.

Material on the site ranges from parody, such as a paragraph-by-paragraph “anti-prospectus” targeting Western’s admissions material, to complaints about there being no windows in the classrooms of the Social Science Centre. Brett also listed The Gazette under his “Another Reason to Hate Western” feature.

“[Administration] told me they took issue with my altered coat of arms,” Brett said, referring to the modified coat of arms which features a dollar sign. “They also said I used the design from their recruitment — I disagreed.”

Jarrett reported the university’s only concern was that Brett may be using trademarks of the university on the site.

“The main [concern] was [with] the university’s coat of arms,” Jarrett said. “We still have a dispute over the format of the website, which uses the format of Western’s recruitment site, which we’re not pursuing at this time.”

Jarrett said Brett had agreed to take down the coat of arms and denied the concerns had anything to do with the site’s editorial.
“Obviously, we prefer that people don’t go around publicizing that ‘UWO sucks,’ but [Brett] has the right to express his opinion,” Jarrett said. “And as long as he does it in a manner that’s legal, we have no concerns.”

Brett said the response to his site has been mixed. “I found that there are a lot of polarized comments,” he said, adding he received a lot of support and has published some of the responses on the website.

It would appear student response on campus was equally mixed.

“Whatever — it’s all in good fun,” said third-year social justice and peace student Julia Kerr.

“I think it’s pretty stupid. Why is he doing it? It’s one of those websites that make the web look bad,” said Chris Lee, a first-year economics student.

“Everything deserves to be satirized,” said Luke Turvey, a local artist found on campus who admitted he does not go to Western.

This site can be found at www.charter36.ca/~uwo_sucks/.



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