February 12, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 74  

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Students say promised graduate payment killed

The faculty of graduate studies has notified some graduate students that a scholarship guaranteed to those who maintained a 78 per cent average will not be delivered due to a lack of funds, although administration would not confirm or deny the allegation.

Candidates get fiesty, finally

What was once a congenial race for University Students’ Council president turned a tad nasty in the University Community Centre atrium yesterday afternoon.

Greenpeace to the USC: don’t spray-paint snow

Some University Students’ Council candidates have been spray-painting the snow with their names, something that does not sit well in the stomachs of people who hate burning holes in the ozone layer, like saving whales and are against clubbing baby seals.

Gum makes you smart: Wrigley’s

Chewing gum may help to improve your marks, according to new research from New York University’s College of Dentistry.

From a former USC prez

Massive Attack

Amongst USC-types, I’ve gained a reputation for being cynical and jaded. Six years of watching University Students’ Council presidential elections from the inside will do that.

Hot Air

Here’s a taste of some of the “better” quotes from the University Students’ Council presidential debates this week:




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