February 13, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 75  

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Brad don’t impress me much

By Megan O’Toole
Gazette Staff

Gazette file photo
SO YOU’RE BRAD PITT? Girls (and boys) stupidly fall hard on their knees for the pretty boy looks of Mr. Pitt.

Johnny Depp. Britney Spears. Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie. Johnny Depp. Russell Crowe. Johnny Depp.

OK, you probably get the point. We all have our own secret (or not so secret) crushes on various hot celebrities, be they actors or actresses, musicians or models. It’s hard not to admire these beautiful people as they’re in our faces on a 24/7 basis.

You don’t have to go any further than the corner news-stand to be bombarded by glossy, polished images of J.Lo, B.Lo, P.Diddy and everyone else on the current “it” list. Most of the time, the guys are depicted as brooding and mysterious or smiling and shirtless, while the girls are photographed in as few clothes (and as many suggestive poses) as possible. After all, as the old adage goes, sex sells.

Why is it so easy for us to crush on celebrities, considering most of us have never met them and never will? How is it possible for us to obsess over hotties who are totally unattainable?

Well, the first reason is pretty obvious: they’re hot, plain and simple. But the very fact these people are unattainable is also a big part of their appeal. Think about it: you will most likely never end up dating Katie Holmes or Justin Timberlake. You will never have to deal with celebrities on a “one-on-one” relationship basis, where evil things like compromise are involved.

Think about your past boyfriends or girlfriends. You may have found them attractive at the outset, but the more time you spent with them and the more you got to know them, the less appealing they became.

When people are unattainable, you can put them on a pedestal and keep them there. You never get to know them well enough for you to knock them down. In real life relationships, your partner can only remain up on the pedestal for a limited time before you realize he or she is just a regular person — not the special, perfect partner you had envisioned.

The same thing would likely happen if any of us “regular joes” were to enter into a relationship with one of our favourite celebs. The pedestal may remain in the equation longer than it would in a “normal” relationship, but eventually Johnny, Britney or Brad would be knocked down to the level of regularity. Though these people are uncommonly attractive, they’re still just people.

So what does all this mean? Are relationships futile? Should we even bother trying to find a perfect mate, if such perfection doesn’t really exist? Sure, why not. Just don’t be disappointed when you find out that your man of the hour is not as cool and sexy as Brad Pitt — because chances are, Brad isn’t as cool and sexy as he seems either.



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