February 13, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 75  

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Designer clones

Penny Lane
Megan O'Toole

A&E Editor

Sometimes I envision designers sitting around in their mansions, eating caviar and sipping Courvoisier, and having a good hearty laugh at all the trendoids who are funding their lifestyle.

It’s no secret that A&E has enjoyed a hate-hate relationship with Ugg boots since their presence first infected the Western campus earlier this year. First, Uggs showed up in Us and People magazines, with celebs like Kate Hudson sporting the clownish, moccasin-esque clunkers. Now, suddenly, they’re the newest hot commodity. Overnight, the traditional fashion faux pas of tucking your jeans into your boots became “cool.”

Uggs are only the icing on the proverbial Gucci cake. I can see designers sitting in their offices, collaborating on the lamest trend to start, betting on whether or not society is dumb enough for the trend to catch on.

I remember back in the ’80s, when a “mesh-back” was just called a cap and my dad had a collection of gas-station freebies. Then Ashton Kutcher started wearing them and the trend caught on instantaneously. But not just for guys: girls, too, simply HAD to have their own pink “trucker hat” (the new invented term) with “Jesus is my homeboy” or some such lame slogan plastered across the front.

Puffy vests, velour J.Lo sweatsuits, pointy-toed witch shoes — the list of stupid fashion trends could go on and on and on. It’s not only typical Western girls who follow these trends, but they’re certainly a classic example of the herd mentality. And really, why NOT spend $200 on a pair of sweatpants with “Juicy” splashed across the ass when dear old daddy is paying?

Anyway, back to the designers. Some may blame them for charging exorbitant prices for lame crap like mesh-backs and witch shoes, but I say kudos to the lot of them. If I could sell the herd on tapered, neon flood pants, I’d do it in a second.



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