February 13, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 75  

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Why do guys love girl-on-girl action?

When it comes to porn, there’s one thing many straight guys go nuts for: lesbians. The Gazette asked some Western experts why the same can’t be said of female appetite for gay male porn.

An open letter to boys from the girls

Dear Boys,

We are currently out of service.

Candidates’ last chance

Poster shoppers and passers-by in the University Community Centre atrium were treated to the last official forum for the University Students’ Council presidential election yesterday.

News Brief

Lord of the USC: Part 1

Every year we quiz the University Students’ Council presidential candidates, to test their knowledge on all things Western and more. Here are each candidate’s results for the exceptionally tough test.

Lord of the USC: Part 2

After hours of scrutinizing the endless candidates’ debates and forums for University Students’ Council president, and spending even more hours analyzing and double-checking the candidates’ platforms, The Gazette presents the annual candidate evaluations. Five candidates’ each questing for the most powerful, most coveted title of Lord of the USC.

Casual guys and gals

Question: To have casual sex or not to have casual sex?

Singles need lovin’ too

Celibacy — it ain’t just for priests anymore.
In contrast to the more racy topics within this sex-themed issue, I would like to explore a subject of the exact opposite: celibacy. I suppose people opt for celibacy, for many reasons.

Doin’ dirty deeds — despite the distance

All this relationship and sex talk makes it all sound so easy. But what about those of us who don’t have those opportunities readily available?

Romance is never dead

With Valentine’s Day upon us once again, I feel the pressure to be somewhat romantic come Feb. 14.

Breaking up is hard to do — but not if you follow the rules

The sad reality of most relationships is that sooner or later they inevitably come to an end.

Drunken sex — the best kind

Moving in together with your significant other is a big step and it brings with it a lot of questions. Will you turn into a boring old married couple? Will you grow to hate each other right off the bat? And most importantly, will the sex be the same?

The more you pay, the better

Believe it or not, but you’re probably already a john. Or a jane.

Whose bush is back?

When speaking about sex, it is only natural to eventually touch upon a somewhat hairy subject: genital follicles. Perhaps now more than ever, pubic hair has become a highly debated subject.

PFOs be warned

There sure is a lot of talk about sex in this Sex Issue of The Gazette. All this focus on sex does a disservice to the best kind of male-female relation: the platonic friendship.

Western students reveal dirty deeds in detail

As per usual,The Gazette loves to talk about sex. And most of all, we love that you love to read about sex. With that said, after hours of intense tabulations, we have compiled the tell-all list about the sex lives of Western students.




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